Child / Teen Therapy this is your time to work out what you want
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Suzanne Lamb - BScHons DipCouns DipHypCS DipHypnobirth DipCBT AdDipPsyCoun

I now work as a psychotherapist but previously worked as senior nurse and with school aged children for the past 16 years. I have worked as a support nurse practitioner in the specialist Children’s Hand Clinic in Leeds, as an Emergency Nurse Practitioner in A/E and worked in schools supporting the needs of young people, providing bereavement counselling. I work within the BACP code of conduct and in line with the societies I am registered with. As such I maintain the young clients confidentiality unless I feel the young person, or others, are at risk from their own actions or the actions of others.

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Child / Teen Therapy

Child Teen Therapy

I offer bereavement therapy, support for unwanted behaviours, exam stress, and phobias; work to increase interview confidence as well as assessment and advice about the other support available if appropriate. I am always mindful of how useful a multi-professional approach can be for young people and will suggest other professional input as appropriate

Counselling and hypnotherapy are effective for some of these issues and may be used alone or together. If you are on a waiting list to see the Camhs team I offer not only a range of options and support but vast experience in this area.

  • Young people may require extra support – I offer assessment, referral and advice as well as treatment
  • I have wide experience with self harm behaviours and a combined approach often facilitates change
  • What is a small thing for one child is a massive hurdle for another – hypnotherapy helps make the change that matters
  • Loss of any kind can affect young people – I use short term solution focused art sessions / talking / relaxation to help

Whether the young person wants to talk or not, I don’t mind – this is their time to work out what they want.

Relaxation, hypnotherapy, confidence boosting, cognitive solution focused approach or using tools like EFT (tapping on acupressure points) or art work to promote self relaxation and awareness gives time to consider how to develop other strategies or just off load their feelings and emotions in a safe place.

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National Hypnotherapy National Hypnotherapy National Hypnotherapy Katharine Graves British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

"The Professional Standards Authority (formerly called the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence) has set up an accredited voluntary register scheme for counselling, hypnotherapy and other health & social care services. Counsellors, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists should belong to an AVR (Accredited Voluntary Register). AVR registration will be seen as the benchmark for practice and clients, employers and organisations will be looking for therapists who are registered on an AVR. The National Hypnotherapy Society was the first organisation to receive this award and National Counselling Society was the second counselling organisation to receive accreditation under the AVR scheme. Only registers of organisations which meet very high standards will be awarded AVR status, and this ensures consumer protection to anyone looking for hypnotherapy or counselling services. ."