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Suzanne Lamb - BScHons DipCouns DipHypCS DipHypnobirth DipCBT AdDipPsyCoun

Hypnotherapy can help reduce your symptoms but it is essential that Irritable Bowel Syndrome has been diagnosed by your Doctor, and I have received confirmation of the diagnosis as IBS can mimic other symptoms, such as bowel cancer, and hypnotherapy may mask important signs of underlying disease.

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Irritable Bowel

Irritable Bowel

The NICE guidelines suggest that psychological therapy such as hypnotherapy is useful if there hasn’t been enough improvement with other treatments. The deep relaxation combined with consideration about lifestyle, diet, external factors, internal factors and directed hypnotherapy work over 3-4 months has seen an improvement in symptoms – most therapists using the ‘Gut specific – Directed Hypnotherapy’ report a high percentage of client satisfaction – based on clients own symptom chart.

  • Commitment to the specific programme – 5 sessions (plus a review session) over 12 – 14 weeks with relaxation homework
  • Programme to relieve your specific symptoms
  • Practical help and support to help you reach achievable goals
  • Aim for the control and freedom to have choices in your life, enjoy visiting friends, family and planning holidays

Gut Specific Hypnotherapy is a specialised area and the training I have completed was based on a research programme that audited 250 patients – it concluded that there was a marked improvement in all symptoms, quality of life and reduced depression, over 80% of the patients showed these improvements.

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"The Professional Standards Authority (formerly called the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence) has set up an accredited voluntary register scheme for counselling, hypnotherapy and other health & social care services. Counsellors, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists should belong to an AVR (Accredited Voluntary Register). AVR registration will be seen as the benchmark for practice and clients, employers and organisations will be looking for therapists who are registered on an AVR. The National Hypnotherapy Society was the first organisation to receive this award and National Counselling Society was the second counselling organisation to receive accreditation under the AVR scheme. Only registers of organisations which meet very high standards will be awarded AVR status, and this ensures consumer protection to anyone looking for hypnotherapy or counselling services. ."