Hypnotherapy a relaxed state of body and mind
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Suzanne Lamb - BScHons DipCouns DipHypCS DipHypnobirth DipCBT AdDipPsyCoun

Hypnotherapy is a relaxed state of body and mind, which allows the therapist to help you find alternatives to the present way of feeling or behaving. The aim of this approach is to assist you to change unwanted habits and undesirable behaviours. Therapy also tends to help you become more confident, more accepting and therefore can help you reach your potential goals.

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Beneficial change is often seen within a relatively short time and therefore is generally a short term approach for many issues such as phobias, smoking cessation, exam fear, and interview stresses. It is often combined with counselling for issues such as self harm, stress, anxiety. For IBS clients are required to commit to the full protocol and details are listed in the appropriate area of the site.

  • Hypnotherapy feels like deep relaxation – you are not asleep and still have control, eg if the fire alarm goes off you would get up and leave
  • Everyone can relax but sometimes we need to learn this technique
  • Busy lives lead to stress, the body reacts by producing stress hormones and this affects the immune system and blood pressure
  • Hypnotherapy can be used as a treatment or a tool to increase relaxation, feeling calm increases memory and the ability to make clear decisions

Remember stress for the body is physical as well as emotional so being busy, in a high powered environment, having poor sleeping habits, missing meals, over exercising all cause the same reaction - the sympathetic nervous system increases the adrenaline to help the body. If you stay in the same ‘busy mode’ it doesn’t switch off and this raises metabolic rate, increases heart rate and among other things, increases blood sugar and intestinal motility. It can lead to headaches, anxiety and sleep disturbance. Break the cycle – use deep relaxation as a starting point.

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"The Professional Standards Authority (formerly called the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence) has set up an accredited voluntary register scheme for counselling, hypnotherapy and other health & social care services. Counsellors, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists should belong to an AVR (Accredited Voluntary Register). AVR registration will be seen as the benchmark for practice and clients, employers and organisations will be looking for therapists who are registered on an AVR. The National Hypnotherapy Society was the first organisation to receive this award and National Counselling Society was the second counselling organisation to receive accreditation under the AVR scheme. Only registers of organisations which meet very high standards will be awarded AVR status, and this ensures consumer protection to anyone looking for hypnotherapy or counselling services. ."